Though our work is influenced by classic design principles, we are innovators who strive to offer a fresh, unique take on modern aesthetics. We are driven to create homes that are both structurally sound and visually stunning.

Every one of our homes starts with an overall design and flow. In addition to having an incredibly talented internal team, Rivera has built custom homes in partnership with award-winning designers like the team of Cecconi Simone, Samantha Farjo, Union31 and Jack Celli. Our designers meet with every client at the beginning of the process to discuss lifestyle, objectives and desires.

Inspired by classical ideas and modern luxury, we bring your personal point of view to life. At Rivera Fine Homes, we aspire to build homes that embody the highest qualities of luxury, style and function. Our goal is to ensure that the interior design of your Rivera home is absolutely spectacular and representative of your taste.

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