Project Managers

We are strictly meticulous and take notice of every detail. When working with you, we make certain nothing is overlooked. We firmly believe your home is more than a structure; it is your sanctuary. As such, every aspect of each home we build is carefully considered and continuously reviewed by our talented experts.

Our project managers are the glue that hold the process of building a Rivera home together. These talented individuals maintain the overall direction, ensuring that proper budgets are determined and maintained. Once the designer and architect have conceptualized and planned your dream home, the Project Manager selects the appropriate trades to build your home exactly to spec and, of course, to the highest quality.

Contracting and safety are two major roles the Project Manager plays, ensuring not only that the process flows smoothly, but safely and efficiently. The creation of a schedule and management of all components ensures that every Rivera home is built on time, to spec and exceeds expectations.

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